Friday, July 11, 2014

Up Coming Site Additions

I sit here still not quite able to make new content because of a still a bruised and battered face plus not being up to par. I did end up having it confirmed that I had suffered a mild concussion so I'm now still out of work and will be at least til the end of the month. This did cause some sight lose in my left eye but from the trauma to my head and not the eye itself which still was pretty nasty (see previous posting for that).

So I sat here thinking of what it is I can do to bring you all something hot that would keep you hard and entertained until I could get back to posting photos & videos. Then it dawned on me that I never did bring back the 'erotic story' section! So, new site, new stories! Yes! I'm working slowly on the first piece and will post it in a new section all for itself.

On top of that, I'm working on a contest!! I have a wonderful contest that involves something I was doing that gave me a good chance to bring a nice hard contest (or I think it will be) and that I can add hints to over the weeks. I'll be looking for 3 top winners. Not sure on the exact prizes but I know that 1st place will involve a 3-6 month FREE membership but it might not be limited to just that... I might put a small 'personal' package together too that would involve some lingerie and perhaps some of my favorite Belgian chocolates. Not sure about 2nd/3rd place but 2nd place will include a 1 month free membership and 3rd place will get a 1 week membership. 2nd place might also include some privately made photos just for their viewing pleasure, not to be shown ever on my sites except a 1 photo sample of their prize here on the blog. And it's ALL FREE! So keep a watch out for a special contest button to be added to my site. If you are already a current recurring member but win any of the 3 places, we will talk and work out a proper prize but if you have an ending membership, the extra time will just be added in addition to your current membership. And oh, this is going to be a simple 'guess what the photo is of' contest! Simple right? ;)

What do you all think about those ideas and thoughts? I think it will give you all some more into who I am and what I like as I write stories to add to the site and I think the contest will be LOADS of fun if you all will take part!

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