Friday, July 11, 2014

Cooking At Night

Although I did this couple weeks ago when I first got stuck at home with this damn injury, there is still something soothing and surreal about making something you know that no matter how you make it, will be yummy, refreshing and enjoyable when you get to eat it the next day! One of the recent nights I was making fresh home-made fruit salad with sour cream/orange juice dressing. I put in 2 different melons, raspberries, strawberries, canned mandarins, blue berries, and doughnut peaches (also known as Saturn peaches). The wonderful sweet/sour fruits mixed with a cup of sour cream (this is a HUGE bowl, my biggest plastic storage bowls!), half cup of orange juice and a couple tablespoons of honey. This was one of my childhood favorites that my mother use to make any time it was hot out and we could afford all the fresh fruit that goes into it! If anyone wants the recipe, don't bother to ask as there really isn't a true recipe! What ever fresh fruit you want excluding watermelon (or any really watery type melons) and no acidic types such as pineapples. Bananas go well but then be prepared to use up the salad in about 2days or they will go to mush and turn colors. Mix up the sour cream, orange juice and honey up and pour over, mix well and serve well chilled.

So yea, this is how I spent a good hour one late night after Camera Man went to bed... it took that long to cut the melons without cutting myself without having much in the way of depth vision :P

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