Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In and out of work - the story continues

It's been a long month and I hope it comes to an end soon. I was back to work for about a week before I found myself going head on with some work construction that was happening around the corner that did a serious amount of damage. Most every thing on my left side got hit from my ankle (not too badly though), to my shin, my back, my lower arm (quite badly) and the worst of it all, my head around my eye.

Because of this damage to my head, I have lost about 80% of my vision on my left eye and have been pulled off work. At first it was only a few days but then over the weekend, I kept losing more and more of my sight. Monday saw doc again, then saw the eye doctor to make sure my eye was ok and all the doctors think that I had a minor concussion. Now why the hell the ER doctor didn't do or say anything about it is beyond me but you can actually make out the line where my sunglasses got slammed in my face and the fact that I don't remember anything except tripping and kind of coming to wrapped firmly around a pole for support kind of means that something happened to my head *shrug*.

Anyhow, there are a couple of photos attached that I took from my webcam (sorry for the quality, can only handle so much brightness atm) showing what it looked like from about 8hrs after and then again from a day or 2 ago. Atm, I can't see anything from the sides/top/bottom, it's like looking through a telescope. Yesterday was the first time that the 'end' of that telescope started to become less fuzzy so there is a change.

That also means of course I'm going to have to find some way to do updates on low energy and without my face included :P not exactly the way I want to look on my updates! But I will figure something out. Kiss and horny love to everyone and keep a watch, I always bring something new for your enjoyment!

(about 8hr after the accident)

(about 4 days after)

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