Monday, July 21, 2014

Finally - Whirl Pool Shoot

I have been asked from some of you privately why the messages I had about going to a hotel were deleted... the reason for it is I was just fed up with things getting planned and falling through. Getting myself and all of you excited over the aspect of something hot and new, then to just have it get totally fucked up. On top of the trip not happening last week, over the weekend my cycle started and I rarely shoot when it's around because I just get it so hard and heavy (short thankfully though!) that the last thing I'm thinking about is being 'sexy'.

Now with that said though, yesterday (July 21st, 2014) Camera Man and I did FINALLY make it to the hotel. We didn't rent the pool suite though but mainly due to the fact that it was extremely humid/hot in the room... when we want to go to that we're going to have to call a few hours ahead of time and request they put the airco on to get rid of some of that. If you walk into a room from outside that is 70f (22c) and walk into a room to have your glasses fog up, there is way too much to go on with a camera. Will have to see about it later on, perhaps when it's colder weather and it wouldn't be such a bad thing to open up the windows letting the crisp air in to get rid of some of it.

So we chose to have one of the whirl pool suites. All of the rooms have whirl pools but the suites have the over sized ones and that is really what I wanted. I will have to explore a bit more on the rooms when we're not carrying half my lingerie wardrobe with me but for now I enjoyed the room we had even if in the end we only ended with 1 photo set and a video. For a new experience and situation as well as having reconnected a bit with Camera Man, it was FUN!

I did plan to do a bunch of different looks, lingerie, bikinis and what not but in the end it only ended up being a totally nude set. Not that it was that bad but wish I had not brought all the stuff I did. It's still packed though! Perhaps we'll still get to use it soon.

I had a really nice and VERY interesting experience with it as well. When I post the photos/video this weekend, I'll make sure to get a post up on that. But needless to say that the trip started with stopping at a naughty shop with the purchase of a waterproof and VERY powerful vibrator! Mmmm yea new toys :D It's also going to open up a new set of videos as I start to add more stuff. Not sure if it will be videos showing me using them or just pointing in the direction of something I've already done but the thought/idea is still in the making. They will be added to the 'extras' section as I'll be recording them on my webcam not the HD camera.

Enjoy the small sample and look for it soon coming to I don't know if it'll be this weekend or not because we are thinking of going again this weekend if the mood suits because it will most likely be the last weekend I will have off for a while once I get back to working. If that is the case, *tsk* I'll just have to choose a photo set to place :P

And a special thank you goes out to the helpful staff and hot hotel known as Ptitamie. They have a web site but it's sadly out dated (although they have done a bit of work on it since I offered my services to rebuild it for them!) but it will certainly help with it's location if anyone is interested in this adventure but I do HIGHLY recommend the hotel as it is a 'day' hotel... you go in, you look at what rooms are free, you pay per the hrs ect (paid 60euro for 3hrs at the suite with another 15euro for 4hrs if we had chosen to). The pool suite is 150euro per 4hrs, not sure past that because I didn't ask yet.

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