Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My New Equipment - Underwater Camcorder

Hello again all my wonderfuls! Monday, as expected since they said Friday/Saturday delivery and since I don't get post on Saturdays *duh*, I received my newest little toy. It's a very small but seems for the cost of it to be a very nice little underwater camcorder type camera!

I've attached some images of it, it's really not more then a couple inches large, very simple but it's got a LOT of bang for it's little buck! I was actually quite surprised. It, in itself is not water proof but what makes it able to be under water is a very sturdy waterproof casing that it can be taken in and out of (the clear plastic case you see around it in the photos). Then it comes with so many things like a non-waterproof casing to protect it a bit more and add a tripod section to it, a bike/pole mount, a helmet/wrap type mount, a dashboard (car) suction cup mount (I can think of LOTS of ways to use this instead of the car!! Specially with the water proof casing!) and on top of it, it came with a 32g micro SD chip for memory storage.

This little guy is meant for motion picture, it's High Def 720p but it also has the option to take still images in 3 sizes, 1.3mp-3.0mp-5.0mp. Ok it isn't as high res as my canon photos will ever be but this whole kit including shipping cost me a whole 55euro total. Not too friggin' bad considering my current HD video camera with no external memory but has a 8gig internal storage, doesn't take still shot nor is it any where near being waterproof was almost 200euro!

Anyhow, I look forward to messing around with this little beauty and hope it proves to be an interesting adventure! Underwater shots, here I come :D I did even make a little video snippet with my webcam of me unpacking it, showing you all the collection of stuffs that it came with just in it's tiny little box.

Any requests??? :D Remember, Visit My Web Site because photos/videos taken with this little thing will be posted there throughout time as the weekly updates go up! *SMOOCH*

And the little video of unpacking it

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