Friday, June 13, 2014

Screwed Up My Back/Misc Work Stuffs

Man what a DULL week! It's not exactly how I want to be spending a 'week off' from my real life job but a few nights ago we had a nice set of thunderstorms that rolled through in the wee hours of the night/morning. Those storms produced quite some loud hits of thunder and of course being as jumpy as I am, the first one or so that hit with my window sitting wide open due to the warmth made me wake up to hitting the hard tiling floor square on my ass. I didn't think much of it except ok it's storming, close window and go back to bed. This was about 3am... I get up around 6:30am to go to work and when I woke for this shift, I tried to get up like I normally do and instantly knew I fucked up my lower back again! FUCK! So I more slithered out of bed, messaged my boss to let him know what happened, waited til the 8:30am walk-in clinic to open and they put me off through Saturday along with some heavy ass pain killers and something to protect my tummy from those meds. I HATE these meds, they make me feel sick and even more jumpy.

Anyhow, this is not how I wanted to spend a week off :( I hope the summer proves to be better. I've been working now for almost 8weeks (the 22nd will be 2months) and none of us have seen an actual pay check or pay stub. Not sure what is exactly going on but since I had some time off anyhow, I took some of it to sign up to the worker's union and get some information. I found out some nice information that my boss and I are going to have to sit down and talk about. Some of those points are.....

 ~ My current pay according to my contract is at least 100euro a month too little according to the laws. It might even be as much as 500 but not sure how I go about getting that official but at least going to show him the papers stating his current wage is too little.
 ~ He will have to pay out Eco Check based on a formula for next year based off our hours this year.
 ~ He has to pay a 'cleaning' fee every day of 1.62euro to each employee if he doesn't take on the cleaning of uniforms but requires us to be cleaning them. Heck I can even push that he pays an extra 1.62euro per day on top of that for the lack of me having a uniform as well.
 ~ He HAS to get pay straightened out and that I do have a right to an est time and not just a 'before summer' response. It's within my rights as the employee to know when pay is expected to happen.
 ~ Even without pay, I should be receiving pay check stubs... those I have yet to get either.

Those are the top of that I found out that those special Eco Checks were suppose to of been paid out also through the intrim I was working for the past 2 year proper to this. Again based on a formula and how many days I put in the year before. We figured just for last year's days I should get about 90euro worth of these checks and that is just for the half year that I worked last, not including the year before.

Anyhow... so this is my real life lately. I'm in a fair amount of pain, I'm more then annoyed at sitting here all day because I can't do much else and really look forward to getting back to work where at least the days go by a bit faster and I'm kept busy both mentally and physically.

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