Friday, April 18, 2014

What A Month - Update Info Also

So it's been one HELL of a month again. I hope that with the spring here and summer around the corner that it will mean that things will settle down even more.

I'm here to let you all know that as of Tuesday this week (April 15th, 2014) I got my custom made desktop and as of this posting have it I think 99% up to where I need it with all the programs I need. With that said, I already re-saved the last update that wouldn't save on the 1.3g slow ass laptop I was forced to be using and it's not in it's proper HD mp4 and wmv format on the site. The new comp is on the site and I've also attached it below.

I was going to use photoshop elements but because I lost the old system of stuff, I can't access it any more. So now I have decided to use GIMP. It looks like it will do all the small minor things I needed like the comps so it's only time that will tell if it will work for my designing work too. I hope it will.

So, on that note, today or Saturday there will be the promised double update. I haven't been able to do photos yet so that is why I say Saturday so that I can try to do a photo set but if not, then I will add a couple of hot videos instead! *SMOOCH*

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