Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Site Update - March 28th, 2014

You all know that my site was going through a small switch over on the weekend but that didn't stop me from putting up another super hot high res photo update!

I was out shopping for clothes the other day and while I needed some new bras anyhow, I thought hell why not get the matching panties for a couple bucks more to make a nice matching bra & pantie set for my site too?? So here are the results! 142 hot photos! Just a laid back 'kitty' look with my comfy robe and my new bra & panties. No heels, no stockings, no heavy glamour, just lil' ol' me :) There are a couple licking precum from Camera Man photos as well as a few cream pie shots mixed into this set, can you guess what he just had to do in the middle of this shoot?! He did try to catch the images on photos but well that didn't work too well I'm afraid this time... we're both out of practice... so does the old phrase 'practice makes perfect' come into play again? :D Enjoy!

And remember the biggest thank you that you can give a model is to Buy-A-Memebership to her site. Even better if you buy a recurring membership and keep it going or even if she offers larger memberships as they are always money saved for you in the long run!

(click the image for a larger preview)

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