Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dust Cleared & On With The Fun!

It only took about 24hrs in total for my site to be moved over and to get CCbill's approval again! I tried to not have any down time but in the same, it had to happen. But I can deal with it being such a short time!

Everyone that had an active membership still open before the weekend has been credited with an addition 7days for their patience (even if your membership was due to expire on the weekend, you received this extra week). It's my way to say thank you for being a member and a hope you'll return for the more special treatments and hot updates!

Anyone with an active recurring membership has had an additional 6days (all I can add to a recurring account) but you have been sent a special email. Please add to your approved lists if you haven't received it. If you have not received it and were a recurring member, please E-mail that address.

All active memberships were sent an email to inform you both the day before that the site might be down until the 1st or so of April but thankfully it didn't take that long and so the very next day (patience as I always say) the site was back on track and even with working memberships again so you will have gotten another email to inform you that the site was back in working order and your new membership expiration date. Anyone with a membership, please simply use the UN/PW you were given when you signed up. They should all work as I personally put them all in for you! *SMOOCH*

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