Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekly Site Update - April 5th, 2014

I hate to put up an update late but it seems that my poor little laptop here is *NOT* handling editing of anything from photo to videos. The file format is a TEMP file!

Camera Man and I made a couple of hot hard core style videos for Friday and after trying to re-save them with the needed watermark the ONLY copy that came out semi properly was in 720x400pixel and just short of a 1/2gig (500meg) in size! Every time I tried the last 24+ hrs it either looked like it was saving and only saved 3kb of it in a file at HD format or the one that I have placed.

So for now, enjoy the 15min video of me using my favorite vibrator and later on Camera Man comes in to help me by sliding his fingers in my tight little hole while I work my wonder wand across my clit. I even take a moment to put my toy in and fuck myself a bit while Camera Man's fingers are inside too! Lots of spread shots, lots of moaning and hot up-close action.

Either I will get this to save properly over the night while I sleep or it will be replaced with it's proper size/format within the next 2weeks roughly. We went today to look at how much a new desktop would be with the new parts we needed and adding the old parts that could be salvaged from the old system and we were pleased. We ordered it and should they say in about a week worth of time have a new system. Now if that will by Friday will be another story but SOON it'll be here. This poor little single processor laptop is just not up to the tasks at hand in the way of editing content! *crosses fingers that it'll be done soon*.

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