Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Site Update - April 19th, 2014

Hello all you sexy thangs you!! I'm over the moon and as happy as can be because last week I found out that I am getting re-hired at my old place of work. If you read some of the about me posts you'll find out in short that the place I worked for originally went under, the headquarters kept the shop up and going until a new owner could be found and shortly they will be reopening! I can't wait!

Now you also will know that the last month or 2 I have been under a GREAT deal of stress and any of you with a decent head on their shoulders will know that bad stress + being female don't mix well at all. And that is the case with me.... although I wanted to make some hot new photos/videos for this week's update, I'm not able to because all the stress caused my monthly friend lets say to show too early. Those of you who have followed me the longest know that I won't make content when it's around at all because it simply shows in my work from looking tired and such... not my kettle of fish either to try to feel/be sexy when in discomfort and ick :P

Anyhow, I have found one last way to make this week's wait worth it though. Normally this was only an option on my Main Clips4sale Store or on my High Def Clips4sale Store but from me to all of my wonderful members and future members only at, I have added the almost 40min high def video of myself and the sexy CamGirlKitten in our fun and sexy ballon fetish adventure! You have the choice to download the entire video itself or download it in 2 parts.

This video is a sexy balloon fetish video with 2 sexy BBWs dressed in cute almost matching pink baby dolls and sexy 6inch stilettos. We have a LOT of fun with the balloons, each other, posing for Camera Man who is snapping away photos the entire time, popping balloons, blowing up balloons, playing with the balloons, popping them with our nails and even popping them with our heels! It's a BBW lovers dream to watch and a balloon fetishist's cloud 9! Enjoy and I'll see you all next weekend with more!

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