Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simpson Tapped Out - Valentines Theme!

Yep it's that time again :) All the silly little games I play are starting to come out with their Valentines specials. Simpsons Tapped Out is the first to start but with a bit of a tweak compared to it's last few holidays specials. This time around instead of offering 'collect as many of what ever and receive a prize for it' they went with something extra they added to their Christmas instead and that was still collection 'hearts' from things you do in your game or your friends and spin-to-win instead.

So what are you waiting for... come join me with Simpsons Tapped Out! I play it daily and sometimes more! My little world there is growing every week but it can't grow without the friends I have on there! This is just another way to be interactive with me. It's simple, go to your 'friend' icon at the bottom (Bart and his friend Milhouse grace this icon) and tap it again, you'll find 'add friend' then add curvykittysc2 and I will see it the next time I log in! *SMOOCH*

Remember the game is 100% free to play so come join me!!

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