Monday, February 10, 2014 Officially RELAUNCHED!

It's FINALLY time to reveal what I have been working SO fucking hard on the last month! is OFFICIALLY relaunched! I invite you into my little world where I am the ONLY one you will get when it comes to my site.

Oh how I have missed it! No more rules on what I can or can not show in free, what I can or can not advertise with, what I can give away for free if I wish to, no more time schedules to get content & forms in for updating.... just me me me :D

Come enjoy the hot sexy tour, some information on my site and if you so choose, grab yourself a sexy hot new membership! To start with the site only accepts Mastercard, Discover, JBC and of course all my wonderful EU (european union) peps it takes EU direct debit too. Visa still has to approve but since it's a site that they already approved a while ago, there is hope that it won't take to long to approve!

For now though... the site is launched with OVER 16,000 photos and just shy of 2 continued days worth of videos (almost 300 of them!). So hope on over to today! I hope to see you on the flipside!

Weekly updates will happen every Friday (there might be extra updates here and there too!) so yes that means in just a few days, to celebrate Valentines Day, there will be an extra special and HOT update placed already! *SMOOCH*

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