Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clips4Sale - Missing Videos

I have to admit, I'm a bit peeved off this week. Not only because of being sick but at the beginning of this dreadful week I finally, after almost a year worth of time, was told the reason as to why some of my videos on my main long time running ACTIVE video store keep coming back to me to 're-upload' because the file is missing.

This has been an on going issue for almost a year now. I even got a damn chargeback due to it! But about a year ago, I started getting emails from clips4sale that there was a file missing and please re-upload, just after someone had bought it. Ok, I know files can go missing from time to time, it's computers after all we're working with, but after about the 12th one, I started to question why this kept happening and always after someone bought something. The only answer at that point that I was given was 'just re-upload and problem solved'. Never a dig deeper, never looking into it or if they did, they had no clue what was going on ect.

Now after almost a YEAR later, I started to dig more into my store. I started to edit videos to add fresh descriptions, a bit of HTML code and what not to them only to be be hit one after another of a 'missing file' when trying to finish the edit of the videos. I was like 'wtf?'. So I checked my FTP, I looked at what I had in amounts of video clips vs what I had in amounts for the video clip images that I put them with them (the 4in1 images that I provide for each video) and was FLOORED! There was at least a 50+ difference when I looked.

I put in a support ticket to ask why there was such a HUGE difference between my video count and my image count and why I was getting so many 'missing files' messages when I was re-doing my descriptions. It took quite a while before I got the final answer which was this week, but it was 'because they had been inactive for over 3yrs and were deleted'. I was WTF?! I have a fulling running, fully active, advertised store and I have files being DELETED? What is worse is that not only are they being deleted but they are being done so WITHOUT my knowledge! I mean shit, if I have a video uploaded but not added to my store yet and it's been sitting there too long, I'm notified but for something this major I'm not??

Now what gets to me even more on top of all that is that if people didn't want the videos, I wouldn't have started to get the reupload please because we don't have the file any more emails would I have?? That means someone saw it, liked the look, wanted it and bought it. That also means that although they deleted the files, they also forgot to ever so nicely remove them from my store as active. Instead, people can still buy these videos but they will find they will have to wait for it until I receive the 'file missing' email and get to reuploading it so that they can download it. I am missing now over *60* videos!

I have put in a complaint with I hope is still the owner's email... Take head my fellow store owners... if you have a long time running store and have videos that are 'older' and you haven't seen them sell in a while, CHECK YOUR FTP! Quick look at video images vs your videos will tell you if you are missing any before you get this happening!

Buyers - all of my current videos, ones I add new and are less then 3yrs old, still work properly. I still have ALL of my videos and will be getting through the older ones slowly but surely to get them re-added but it takes time... if you do buy one, don't be too surprised if you get a 'please wait' type thing while I get the message and get it re-added for you, but promised, I do have them to readd. I keep VERY good records ;)

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