Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Personal Issues/Site Updates

Hello all you wonderful peps out there. I wanted to drop in with a small note to let you all know that there have been some rather personal issues going on and due to those, I have not been able to get things updated the way I want or should be for all of you.

I won't be saying what is going on because this time it's rather personal but that is on top of the current events that I'm still dealing with in the sense of short term memory and problems dealing with stress that were caused by my accident a few months ago. I am on yet another month of leave due to it all, now if I can just get the damn insurance to see that they need to just leave me alone for a bit, even just a tiny bit, I would heal even more and be off on my way to getting myself into another job *sigh*.

Anyhow, I will work hard this weekend to bring you some sexy hot updates, including a belated Halloween update since I already have a sexy outfit from this past Saturday's adult Halloween party (which didn't go at all as planned or well). I will try to get some stuff in-between but for now it'll be over the weekend.

Camera Man has off for a 4day weekend because well weekend he always has off and Tuesday is a holiday I believe pretty much world wide for Vet's Day not to mention it's my own birthday. I hope things will calm down enough and get in order for us to enjoy the weekend and make some sexy new content. *KISSES to everyone*

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