Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hotel Suite Booked!

I'm getting rather bored... ok that is quite an understatement.... I'm REALLY bored of shooting in this apartment after almost a decade of running my web site so I'm extremely excited that Friday night (November 21st, 2014) Camera Man and I have reserved a very lush looking hotel suite at a B&B outside the city. From the web site and photos, the suite we're renting is really like a small fully furnished apartment. There is a full professional kitchen (although I won't be able to get to use it really *pout* besides, who wants to cook on their time out?!), leather couches, what I hope is going to include a very lux style bathroom with open shower/whirl pool but unsure of this.

Anyhow, this weekend Camera Man and I spent the better part of 2 days going through the wardrobe that I keep all the lingerie that can be hung up as well as the 2 storage containers that have more stuff in them that can't be hung up properly. I counted over 160 items alone in these things which about 80-90% has yet to grace my site in any shape or form! Looking over the photos I have already decided on some outfits and even some non-outfit shoots/videos. See the photos below and if anyone has any suggestions/wants/desires, E-mail me...  I'll take all requests within reason into mind and see what I can do to make them happen. If you like an idea I've already suggested, don't hesitate to let me know either! I love chatting with you all!

Oh so far the suite is only for the 1 night but if for some reason the booking that is made for Saturday night (the 22nd) we'll also be renting it for that night as well. If that happens, I've been promised that for the first time since I moved here, that Camera Man will take me to one of the (if not the) biggest casinos in Belgium and that will also include a nice seafood meal out some where if we can find a decent enough place that will know how to avoid my gluten allergy. If the room though isn't free for Saturday night as well, then we are pondering a suite at a Holiday Inn for the next night, but then that means no casino, I really hope the people that booked Saturday fall through and we can stay longer! I might even have the enjoyment that the owner of the hotel will cook us a meal right there in our room! I hope he has the evening free, I'd really like to have someone else cooking for me while having a drink/chatting. I missing having a good meal cooked by someone else that I can trust without worry of gluten.

Enjoy the photos and ideas.... tell me what you think and please, make requests if you have them!!

This room or I should say hallway looks rather oriental in style and I thought perhaps a sexy bra/panties under an oriental style robe would be a sexy set with this area. This looks to be the area to and from the outdoor patio area

Not sure if this room is part of the junior or the lux suite (the one we're renting) but if it should be in the room we're renting, the white kind of 'old maid' outfit I think would look really cute against the black couch. On the other hand the stripped 'boobs free' striped outfit would look very sexy with my black glasses and the laptop set up on the table

This room I know is part of the lux suite and with it's old dark oak look, one or both of these sexy satin outfits would look GREAT against the dark wood table or leather couches. I have a few other ideas for this room but have to look closer at the hotel photo itself vs what outfits I have on hand

I'm not sure if it will be bright enough or warm enough to do something out here but if it is secluded enough, I will try to do something with it, even if it means a sexy sheer black robe with something sexy under it for breakfast

This is the full professional kitchen I mentioned, god I wish I could get my hands on using it but there is so little time *sigh*. Anyhow, I have another of those kind of 'sexy apron' lingerie items and I think with a sexy pair of red heals, mmm yes yes. Perhaps I'll bring the items I need to bake up a batch of yummy loaded cream cheese brownies *ponder*

This is the bedroom of the lux suite. I could go all different ways with this but seeing as Camera Man and I are also celebrating our 13th year together, I thought lets go a little more classy with the set up. A sexy silk nightie with lace trim along with a pair of silky panties as well as a 2nd set with a new lovely purple baby doll with matching panties... I'm sure there will be more ideas with this room.

How could this room get any better but to include a massage table! This little open chest/belly/ass outfit would look super sexy and cute while I set up for a sexy erotic massage for Camera Man in photos and then of course a long hot erotic massage video with a VERY hot sexy ending. I think this very little outfit will show off my big sexy 60+ inch ass very very nicely

This bathroom I'm again unsure if it's in the junior suite or the lux suite but with any luck it's in both or at least I hope to hell in some way or fashion that it's in the lux suite or something as good/better. I have that wonderful water proof camera to use to get some hot shower scenes (perhaps a bubble bath if I fit the tub as well) but in the same a nice nude set allowing for sexy against the glass shots and lots of soapy suds as I use a body wash with a loofah. There are *lots* of ideas for this room

Well there it is! My folder shows a plan for 9 outfits and that is not including nude sets and videos that are in thought. And yes, it includes plans to being in my totally glamour mode with the right makeup, jewelry and pantyhose/stockings when needed.

Videos that are being thought about btw are erotic massage with happy ending, candle lit bubble bath if I fit the rub (might also be a photo set... no will be a photo set at least even if I don't fit IN the tub, a nice nude set with lots of bubbles to play in would be sweet), some sort of balloon video will be made I'm thinking in the bedroom perhaps as it's a nicely sized room and would work well with the big bed in the middle, walking/shaking/barefoot/heels and what not will be taped too and I'm sure there will be some sucking, fucking, masturbating type videos made throughout too.

We will have all of our taping equipment along with the laptop and I some how figure we'll have our tablets with as well. Not sure what kind of internet we'll have but I don't think we'll need that. But at least means I have all my filming options open to use as well as some place if I should fill up the memory on the cameras. As long as Camera Man and I have the energy and enough light, we'll be shooting and enjoying this room to the fullest!

Anyone have any other ideas or requests? Remember hit me by up by E-mail at as I'll take most reasonable requests into mind and of course I already have some still in my mind for some special members/fans that have already made requests. I'll post again with the other suite that Camera Man and I are thinking about for this weekend if this one should not be open for a 2nd night.... of course with other ideas as well. *KISSES*

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