Sunday, November 16, 2014

Status Update

Hello all my beloved and wonderful fans and members. I thought it was time to stop in here and let you know a bit of what is going on. Although I won't be going into too much detail as there are still parts of my life that are simply too personal I will say this, there have been some hard times going on. Not money wise or such but emotions with me are all over the place since the accident and I've been starting to get some help with trying to control them. That started a bit over a week ago but trying to deal with all the stresses that have been put on me the last few months since my accident has been hindering me healing and getting better. Without my short term memory helping me for as good as 80%, there is no way I can learn a brand new job or handle even the short term orders of a job I know.

Camera Man and I are doing ok but all of this is also taking it's toll on him and on top of all that, we're also dealing with him being on the low side of having high blood pressure (150/90-100). We're currently trying to do stuff without pills with exercise, stress reduction, some natural supplements such as q-10 and omega-3. Aso adding some small diet style changes like lower salt (not as though that was a 'bad' issue at all with him but his blood pressure is sensitive to it as we've tested that factor out), no more 'pre-pared' foods, nothing canned or jarred (salt thing again) and adding in some red wine, a bit of 70% or higher dark chocolate and even some decaf tea/coffees. It does seem to have some help but if he lets the stress get out of control or we fight, his blood pressure goes up and *sigh* I hate to see him on more meds that he doesn't need to be on because he didn't fight for it.

We're also trying, although slowly at first, to sleep in the same room/bed together. It's been 8years or more now that we've slept in separate bedrooms due to the fact that in the beginning he just simply snored too much. I even slept on the couch for the first couple yrs of living in this apartment just to try to get some sleep as opposed to sleeping next to him, trying to get him to turn over so he wouldn't snore in my ear all night long. We bought a bigger bed (the queen sized on you see in the most current photo sets now a days with the black frame) just so that we would be a bit more comfortable together at night and try to be with each other. It's hard after so long in separate rooms... getting our own habits, not use to another person being there and what not. Although he doesn't have too much problems with it, I do it seems. I now not only worry almost all day long every day but I seem to worry in my sleep now too. I worry of turning and waking him, having to get up to pee, what ever else I might do in my sleep that I don't know of/would think of being embarrassing and so forth. It'll take a while before we're in the same room together more then a couple days at a time but I hope in the end we'll be sleeping as couples should be in our bed together and we can go back to using the 2nd bedroom as a guest/storage room as well as the kitties room.

So that is why I haven't been updating lately. I am under a lot of stress and have been battling almost weekly migraine style headaches, lots of different doctors as well because the insurance company that is covering this as a work accident decided 'it's taking too long and we need to make sure your not abusing the system' type bullshit. Then sends me to a doctor that can't speak english very well so I had to go back a 2nd time with Camera Man as my translator and now the Nero doc they also had me see is gone on holiday so yea well... more sitting and waiting.

On top of that, the ex-boss had sent me my termination papers but not filled out or signed right so I'm sitting and waiting on that information as well. He has dug himself a nice little hole and I think he's starting to see why it's so wrong to fuck with a bitchy, injured, sick of life and bullshit blond hard headed American :P

Anyhow, with that said, please see the next entry. Camera Man and I are planning at least 1 night at a VERY wonderful looking hotel suite (web sites can be so mis-leading sometimes but I hope in the end it will be as nice as it looks) that includes a full professional kitchen and much more. Again see the next entry as I'll provide some photos and information. I'll even show off some of the outfits I had in mind to use while there and some ideas of stuff otherwise that doesn't even involve lingerie what so ever ;)

Thank you all for your patience... I will have the site updated next weekend, although the 'weekend' might be on Tuesday my time. Camera Man and my 13th year anniversary falls on the 23rd, it's another reason for the hotel btw, but that means he has taken off the Friday and the Monday this coming weekend to celebrate being together. Will see how the weekend goes and if I'm home Sunday or not to get an update in but I will get it in as soon as I am home with a bit of time to spare to sit here.... first comes time with Camera Man... family will ALWAYS come first, no matter how much I love you all, they will always come first. *SMOOCH*

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