Thursday, November 27, 2014

B & B Stay - Ups and Downs

Hello again all my wonderfuls. Firstly, I know that the background and logo are still from Halloween but come next weeks update, I'll have Christmas in place for the sites. For now though, It's time to talk about the hotel Camera Man and I booked. For the cost it was a VERY nice hotel... actually it's not really a hotel, it's a glorified apartment that one rents. They put it in the bed and breakfast category.

You can read about it and see some photos of when I started my plans with it... HERE.

Now I had all sorts of plans for this room in the way of shooting but when it really came down to it we ended up leaving with a mere 1 photo set and 2 videos. The evening was VERY nice, dinner cooked for us by the owner right there in our room but that slashed out the kitchen to use as it was a mess by the time he was done. Also when we arrived, there was some changes made to it that made some of the rooms no longer there. All in all I lost about 60% of the rooms/spaces I had planned to do things with. The bedroom was where the massage table was, that was removed. The 'lounge' area with all the sofas and table was converted into a 2nd bedroom in case families stayed or something. The bathroom that was shown was indeed the other room and not the one we rented. There were 2 big showers but meh, not really anything different then one would find in a swimming pool with exception that had a massage shower in it. So that really left us with the bedroom, the hallway and a small portion of where the kitchen/lounge/2nd bedroom meet.

For shooting, I'm sure it could have gone better... I was really looking forward to enjoy some of the bathroom features but well, the features are the ones in another room. For a very romantic evening for 2 on a wedding anniversary, it was wonderful. He prepared so much good natural flavorful foods for us... all seafood which I LOoOOOVE! Starting the evening was salmon tartar with onions and more in it serves with a rice vinegar sauce he made on the side. Followed by, well for Camera Man, scallop sashimi where as I opted for my scallops to be cooked... I pushed myself already with the salmon and didn't fancy pushing myself any more.

Then came main course... or should I say courses! He served not one but 2 main courses! The first was a wonderful fish, something neither of us had ever tried just lightly fried with some very nicely camalized leek/onion/garlic mixture and spice rice. The next dish was a beautiful piece of cod served on top of a bed of mace scented carrot slices with a nice tomato/pepper mixture on the side and some wonderfully cooked potatoes.

There was dessert for a simple vanilla ice cream but after all that, we just didn't want anything else. It was a VERY nice dinner and for once, a dinner I could feel comfortable enough not to worry about the gluten factor being an issue.

The evening mmmmm oh yes the evening was wonderful as well except that as I pushed myself the entire day, pushed myself through some fears/comfort zones, the late evening became a problem as the night fell and I went into panic mode *shrug*. By the morning I was fine but man, I hate not having control over the panic attacks and such that I did before the accident!

Breakfast was included but it was for Camera Man only this time as it wasn't mentioned that I can't eat gluten to the lady that delivered it the next morning. I was also quite peeved that instead of ringing the doorbell and having us let her in, she just walked in through the guest bedroom instead. I'm going to have to have a word with the owner about this factor.

Anyhow, the whole experience was VERY nice. We didn't go to the casino that night due to being tired and worn out from a long night and all my stupid panic stuffs but we did make it out there on Monday late afternoon/early evening. I love playing black jack, I played well and was ahead by 50euro or so but that is about the time one should walk away and find something else for a while and I didn't. I didn't walk away with anything won but I still had a good time. Actually going to a casino though, at least if it's not say Los Vegas for instance, is a dying breed I'm afraid. There was no more then a couple dozen people in a place that is meant for more like 200 or more. I was most of the time playing cards just between me and the dealer. Easier to keep track on the cards but man it's not nearly as much fun. I won't be going again, it's not worth it really any more. Perhaps I'll try a game of bowling or something next.

Anyhow, enjoy some of the photos of the evening of personal chef cooking that Camera Man and I had and I'll be back to post some more stuff tomorrow and next week. *KISSES*

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