Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weekly Update - November 26th, 2014

Hello all my wonderful and loyal viewers! There has been a LOT of stuff going on with me the last couple of months. I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail but lets say the accident I had a few months ago has caused a whole long list of problems with all the crap that was thrown at me when I should have been healing and it's causing the healing process to take a lot longer then expect.

Now with a bit of time with Camera Man, relaxing, not worrying over this or that or that and this I'm back this week with a whole new look. I've gained about 30kilos (60-70pounds) since I was working last year this time (no not on purpose!), I'm not sporting my long nails atm and I went drastic on my hair bringing it down to a much shorter level just above my shoulders. I think it looks cute actually with all the curls showing up and giving me that kind of 'I'm good but I'm really naughty too' look! Hope you enjoy!

Small change on schedule of updates too though... with exception of 'extra' things, the main update will happen on Wednesdays for the moment. It's a good day for me, Camera Man is at work, no cleaning ladies and I usually don't have a ton of things to do... it gives me time to focus just on the site and bringing you all the best I can give you!

This week's update is a kind of 'leave nothing to the imagination' set. I have a bunch of new lingerie/outfits from not too long ago and this is one from them. A pin-stripe 3 piece that is 100% open bra look while the skirt can't contain my 60+ inch wonderfully beautiful bubble butt. Add the sexy garter that it has built in with a pair of my black lace top thigh highs and of course my sexy black stilettos and I think it came out a killer set! 68 photos large, it's the only set Camera Man and I managed to get with the hotel room we booked. That though is for another entry a bit later as to why and what.

Enjoy the update and look next week for another sexy video to be added! *SMOOCH*

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