Monday, October 27, 2014

Sorry For Being MIA

Good morning everyone, now that things are at least semi back to normal, I wanted to stop in and apologize for being missing in action in here the last 10days or so.

Camera Man has celebrated his 49th birthday on the 21st and his one biggest request to me was that we spend it together as much as possible without the use of computers, without worrying of making photos/videos, without typing (main request) and all that. So I gave him just that, we spent loads of time together, we went out to a new club a couple of times which I'll post about later, we had a couple of nice meals out, we met some new people, we had some good food and we just took our time enjoying a week of time that he took off for his birthday.

Now he is back to work this morning, we've changed over to our EU day light savings time and things will go back to normal. Next Saturday we'll be joining the Halloween party at the new club and I promise there will be a very sexy double update for Halloween this coming up Sunday update. I will also be trying to get something hot in through this week as well just to keep you all happy and horny.

There has been lots happening this week... I still got some new props, some Halloween decorations for my photo shoots (yes you read right) and even thinking of up-coming events like the new fetish store opening. Look also for my first measuring/weight video coming up soon!

So that is it in a nutshell. Camera Man had off since the 16th, all through the 26th and now is back at work so I can go about typing again. I'll put some more posts in throughout the week and get things all back on track! *KISSES*

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