Monday, August 3, 2015

New Month & New Plans

Good morning all my wonderful readers! It's a new month and I have a lot in store for the rest of this year! I already have a nice stock of new videos on hand but have to go through the process of editing yet.

The rest of the year at least will be filled with lots of new ideas and video updates throughout. I will also try to squeeze in some photo sets but that is if I feel up to getting so dolled up that I can sit through a set :P

I have a new plan in my head... recently we have had a previous neighbor move out after having the police called one too many times for their 4 dogs which 2 would set each other off from the little tiny yapper type dog to the bigger english pitbull who would have a deep bark and howl. Recently we have a new neighbor who seems to have a single yappy type dog and so far both days that I know of it it starts up at around 7-8am and does NOTHING but yap! Because of that my new plan is in in progress.... MOVING FUND!!!

I need to save up 3000euro for a move... that will include deposit of 3 months (1 month down, 1st and last month type thing which will be any where from 1500-2000) and movers... no way we can move this entire 14yrs of stuff with a small car not to mention our fridge needs to go out the window which means hiring a window lift anyhow.

So with that said, Camera Man and I have agreed that I can put away my funds from my clips4sale work to move with. When we have the funds, we'll start looking for a new place. And you all know what a new place means! A better chance before moving to pick a place better suited for photos/videos firstly even with the idea of a 3rd bedroom that we decorate specially for that purpose perhaps! And 2ndly, a NEW shooting location that I can have lots of fun with!

I'm not asking for donations but if you find a video you like to perhaps would like to dip in for a membership, you can find my Main Clips4sale Here or my High Def Clips4sale Here. If you do want to donate for the sake of being kind, you can also find the TRIBUTE button on each store where you can drop any where from $5 to $500.

Here is for planning for the future! *KISSES*

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