Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Black Ligh,

Soooo this morning, for the first time since I bought this kit, I opened up and set up the black light kit that I have. I spent like 25euro in total on this kit and I had my doubts because of the way the guy at the store said that it wasn't very good for large places but I guess what is large to one is not to the other! I plugged it in with my black out drapes pulled as good as I could and WOW! This thing picked up everything from front to back and all the stuff in between!

I'm VERY much looking forward to messing with it and I might still do so tonight, just depends how much want I have to be shooting photos on my own with the remote vs having Camera Man doing it. Will see how the evening goes. Tonight Camera Man is out with his old time mates for what is usually just a once or twice a year get together and catch up get together. They are having a BBQ and we even bought him some new summer clothes today. Oh! yea, even I found a couple of T-shirts today in the men's section of the store... I wish that I had been able to find that when I was working, I was paying 25+ euro per shirt at the big lady's store I usually go to and I got these for under 10 *rolls eyes* oh well, they will make good around the house shirts anyhow.

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