Monday, July 27, 2015

New Content Making??

Ok so it seems that between Camera Man and I, we just needed a LONG time off vacation, it's been years since we were able to do almost 0 in the way of 'HAVING' to do things or worries so this past 9+ days off, we did *just* that.... *nothing*.

But with that said, since I'm no longer working and for the moment I'm also not looking considering what the income taxes are doing to us vs how much I make, I need to get the ball rolling on making new videos. Videos will be my main focus but once and a while I'll see if I can't pull out a photo set too seeing as they are easier to advertise with still... besides I have SO much lingerie/clothing still that I just hate to have it just sitting in my wardrobe looking cute rather then ON me!

I'll be looking into making some new videos solo this week and see where it goes in filming with camera man. First I think I need to clean up my bedroom nicely because I go about filming too much though as well I've just simply let it get cluttered with too much junk... need to get rid of recycling cardboard that got stored and what not *shrug* just not my best place for camera work atm.

Anyhow, any suggestions as to what to do for solo video, drop me a line... post here on the blog or email me at  *KISSES*

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