Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sneak Peek - Tube Dress

I took my first photo set for the first time in over 8months last night, I even realized that I have videos I haven't even posted from that long ago now too! I have more content then I thought so first I have to go through adding that but here is a snap from it... it was a small set but for just getting back into it, I think they came out pretty good. Remember I'm not longer going to edit out things I think are just part of me, in this case the set has a bruise I didn't know on the back of my right arm, I should have known there would be one there though because earlier in the week I hit one of the door handles in the apartment in right about that area.

Anyhow, this set is a cute little tube dress that when folded looks no more then a very small shirt but man what fabric can do ;) Enjoy the preview and I'll drop by when I post it to my site.

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