Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekly Update - October 5th, 2014

Hey there all my wonderful peps. Sorry for not being here sooner to write about the last update yet but meh, writing inspiration hasn't exactly been there lately. Too much on my mind, too much fighting, too much stress... it doesn't help.

BUTtttt I haven't forgotten to get up hot sexy content for you all :) Last week I put up the last of the 'summer' photos in the way of the actual set that Camera Man and I made in my tiny green bikini. It was the set that was already planned and under way when we realized that there was a black light on and thus posted the 'extra' set a bit ago. I hope you enjoy off this package in a tiny bikini!

Next week will be a sexy video update in the way of getting to see what I was doing above water when I made the 'under water masturbation' videos. If you like seeing me get myself off, you won't want to miss it!

Oh and just as a bonus, it was placed again on the 'Extras' page where all the non-weekly updates or webcam capture stuffs go but I added a 30+ min behind the scenes video from Today & Now Set #19 'Animal Bikini'. Just a bit of a look into what happens when we shoot photos now a days. No sound though, there are just some things better left to the imagination ;) *KISSES*

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