Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Plans??

I can't believe that it really is October already... that means just a small 3 months yet and it's already a new year! It feels really just like yesterday that it was Halloween for me and I was thinking of what to do for a sexy costume.... I came up with my vampress black & white last year... this year I haven't decided yet but if I can get the energy, I will make more then just one to celebrate with this year.

I still have a number of outfits from naughty cop, little 'boob peek', old style star trek (already know a few who have expressed their desires to see me do this one well before this month came around) and a few others I'm sure that I don't even remember.

November is my 37th birthday BTW, if you'd like send me a pressy I have no objections to it, you can visit my PAMPER ME page to find some items that I'd like or you can always gift me through paypal so I can buy something myself. I love everything sexy, glamour, jewelry, shoes/heels ect so no worries if you can't figure something out. If you need sizing, please by all means feel free to ask!

I'll put up a new background design too for Halloween with next weekend's update. *KISSES*

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