Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June BBQ

The calm before the storm as it were this morning. I have a hard work day ahead of me but at least it will be easier then I expected. I thought I was going to have to work the next 5days straight but I must have over looked that I already have a day off tomorrow which will be very badly needed because of having way too many stress issues with yesterday's day off.

So this morning I've come to share a few of the photos from the small BBQ Camera Man and I had with my folks. Just some of the food we had but I forgot to get photos of the shrimp and potato salad *shrug* oh well. But this is just some of the stuff I like to eat ;) Sure there is tons more stuff but this is what was for the day. We had hamburgers (the yellowish stuff on top is squeeze style liquid butter stuff instead of using oil), salmon, huge ass mushrooms with garlic butter and there were sausages for every one else but me as they have gluten.

I hope we'll have another BBQ or 2 before the summer is over but I guess that just will have to wait and see how the summer goes and work. These photos were all taken with my smart phone btw, so I certainly will have to make sure I get more 'sneak' photos in there from time to time! *KISSES*

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