Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today's Plans

Hello again :) I know that I have to make a new logo for both here and my Member's Area but that will have to wait until my day off tomorrow. Work is always keeping me busy and my schedule I hate to say it keeps getting changed. At first it was going good and I was having opening - 4 or so shifts but the last couple of weeks it's been more and more closing shifts which I hate. Butttt today is a day off and yesterday before leaving for work, Camera Man and I made plans to have a nice BBQ with my family. I'll see if I can't snap some shots off while I'm there enjoying the day and lots of great food.

Some things we'll be throwing on the grill include...
 ~ Hamburgers
 ~ Salmon
 ~ HUGE ass mushrooms
 ~ Pineapple
 ~ Chicken sausages

And some stuff we're gonna have along with will include my mother making some home-made potato salad, cutting up a watermelon and having some already cooked shrimp in their shells (will have to get some photos of this that is for sure!) along with some nummy drinks like raspberry lemonade and sparkling apple juice for us that don't drink drink and some heavy Belgian beer for Camera Man who does.

If I manage to get some photos, I'll certainly be around to post them here in the blog! For now it's still before 8am here and we won't be leaving until close to 12pm so I might go and get a bit more beauty rest! I hope you all enjoy this week's update while I enjoy my BBQ and eat all that yummy food! *SMOOCH*

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