Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hidden Turn On/Fantasy

Only those that have really gotten to know me seem to know my true turn on's and fantasies. Today I'm here to tell you a bit more about me and what makes me tick or in this case what gets me wet!

Today I'm sitting here while writing this with my favorite vibrator working it's wonder between my legs whilst sitting against my clit. I took out my toy when I decided to open a website profile I visit often as of late to aid me in getting off heavy and hard.

This profile is well pissing content. It's a solo male showing off his cock, how hard he gets while pissing and even how excited he gets from it all because he just has to cum right after. So this brought me to write about this. I have a turn on that not many know and that is I'm into watersports (pissing). I'm not into giving but into solo men, men in need to pissing, just letting go in the way of a fantasy of a nicely hung man that is also into the whole watersports scene coming inside my/his apartment or having had found a place outside that we were to shoot, having to piss so badly that he just had to wipe it out and already while doing so had started to piss... demanding that I come and help or even just grunting because he had to so badly but then was so turned on by the fact that there I was watching him as he was helpless but to stand there with his cock growing hard while pissing in front of me.

I also love to be pissed on... specially when I know shortly after that I'm going to get a hot load of cum to top it all off. And yes I do like it full body but LOVE it across my pussy and even in my pussy if he can handle being hard enough while inside but still relaxed enough to let go (or having to go so badly be can't hold it!).

So there you go... today I'll be getting off to something of a guy pissing for me. Are you into watersports at all? Do you like the thought of spraying my pussy or me with your juices or even just having me watch you piss with your rock hard cock and then helping you get off? I'm looking for men that want to enjoy this with me and film it if you are any where close to me!

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