Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Some Technical Difficulties

I'm getting a bit frustrated. I want to get all of my clips4sale stuff in order but it seems there is a bug going on with any new I add photo wise to my membership site :( It's not my photos or the way I'm adding them as that has not changed since the day I started adding them. The issue is that the photos are there but some seem to be broken and one set won't update properly at all, shows ONLY a broken image and even has only 1 image in the folder on the site. To fix the problem, at current, is going about reloading the gallery page about 6 times before ALL of the photos show right.

Upon that, I only noticed as of today, that instead of being in number order like I have them to start with the non-naught first and go to the naughty bits, it's going in reverse :( I miss having my own site or at least a site meant for memberships. Clips4sale is GREAT for selling videos but the membership part for me is sucking donkey balls atm.

Please stay tuned, the issue has been reported and even escalated from just the support team to the IT department, that was almost a week ago now though :( I'll post again when I know more. However, until then, the membership still comes with 100's of videos for just one low cost to stop by if you to get yourself off hot and heavy for just a little bit of money with a full month of viewing!

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