Tuesday, June 23, 2015

News In The Real World

So it's another summer upon us... I'm living day to day with a HUGE amount of road construction right smack in front of my building. On top of that, Camera Man and I just went and had our taxes done and we are going to end up paying out around 1200euro this year *faint*.

With that said and the past 3yrs or so past me, it's time that I just dug back into my web side and did what I found fun at one point rather then putting all the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into the real life work. Yes I loved working, I have a high energy level that means I need to almost always be doing something or I go completely insane but I figure that if I put in half the effort and energy into making hot new videos and perhaps even again photo sets, that I can easily make the 5k or so a year that I would working so damn hard for in the real world.

Sooooo with that said, come next month (July 2015) I'll be be rolling out at least hot new videos.... I have a whole selection of ideas in mind and I intend to dig more into my clips4sale sites. Remember I have *4* of them now! There are 2 membership sites and 2 sites where you can buy just the videos. See you on the flip side next month!

Oh and don't forget to check here for more blog entries as I start to get this ball on the roll again!

Archive Membership Site - http://curvykitty.c4slive.com (this site is get as it is... it still have more photo sets and videos to be added but when it's done it houses all of my older content since 2005 until the time that I changed over to high def videos and high res photos)

Active/HD-HR Membership Site - http://curvy-kitty.c4slive.com (this is my current/active site, it houses all of my high def (mp4 format) videos and high res photo sets. It will be updated actively starting about the 2nd week of July 2015)

WMV Format Video Store - http://www.clips4sale/store/4576 (this video store is buy what you want and only what you want. Houses only WMV format video from 2005 until present time)

MP4/High Def - http://www.clips4sale.com/store/38727 (this video store is buy what you want and only what you want. Houses only MP4 format videos in 1280x720 high def videos. It will be updated actively about the 2nd week of July 2015. Up to 90% of these videos will also be added to the Active Membership Site within about 2weeks of being added to this store)

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