Thursday, April 16, 2015

Come Find Me On Clips4sale!

Man how times goes by! I have been enjoying the semi-retired life I have from the internet but there aren't days that go by honestly that I don't think of this side of my life. I'm still updating and tweaking my clips4sale sites. I opened up 2 membership sites as well. I have SO much content that it would be a shame to just remove it all from the web so I decided since I won't close those stores, I'll use them for all of my archived (older) content and the 2nd one for all of my newer high resolution and high def stuff.

Archive Membership Site - (get what is there, still a work in progress)


New HR & HD Membership Site - (updated at least 2x's a month)

I will be back around to write more. I hope every one has been enjoying their year and lets see if we can't enjoy the summer together!! *KISSES*

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